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Lab Members

Principal Investigator


Scott Horowitz

Associate Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Knoebel Institute for Healthy Aging

B.A. Wesleyan University

M.A. Wesleyan University

Ph.D. University of Michigan

When not in the lab, there's a good chance you'll find Dr. Horowitz in some sort of musical endeavor. He currently sings with the Denver choir Kantorei.

Post-Doctoral Fellow


Ahyun Son

B.S. Seoul Women's University

M.S. Yonsei University

Ph.D. Yonsei University

She joined the Horowitz lab in April 2018. 

Her current project focuses on studying the role of nucleic acids in protein folding and stability in cells using fluorescence proteins as biosensors. 

Ahyun spends her free time cooking, doing crochet, and playing the piano. She currently serves as the first keyboardist for worship services in Disciples Mission Church in Denver.

Graduate Students


Jess studyies how nucleic acids modulate protein folding. She enjoy doing aerial silks, running and figure skating. 


Eman is studying how nucleic acids can prevent protein aggregation is ALS. Outside of lab, she enjoys hiking, camping, and playing the violin.


Lena joined the Horowitz lab in 2022. She studies the chaperone activity of G-quadruplexes in Alzheimer's disease aggregates. She enjoys biking, skiing, reading, and spending time with her very cute dog.

MicrosoftTeams-image (2)_edited.png

Jay is studying the effectiveness of RNA nanostructures as protein chaperones. In his free time he enjoys listening to music, fishing, and boxing.

Jess Huang

Eman Elshalia

Lena Kallweit

Jay Aposhian

Undergraduate Students

Parker Crowley

Catie Moynahan


Lab staff: Bella Lorenz, lab coordinator

Dr. Ted Litberg

Alexa Gomez

Trang "Linda" Nguyen

Adam Begeman

Teddy Wroblewski

Haley Hammond

Thane Gehring

Veronica Huizar Cabral

Millennie Um

Kori Lea-Smith

Mark Bray

Olivia Schneider

Madie Thorburn

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